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About Keypal

Keypal was started by a couple of friends looking for a way to help during the COVID crisis. We came up with Keypal, a simple way to limit germ exposure to frequently touched public surfaces.

Move fast to do good. We’re designers, hardware geeks, and entrepreneurs, so while we can't fight on the frontline, we know how to make products that can. In less than two weeks, we were able to design a couple of prototypes, produce the first set of Keypals with a local manufacturer, and launch a website. People and companies are now ordering from all over the US.

Helping you stay safe. We've improved the design while keeping it remarkably thin and strong. We even added a new feature based on customer requests – a bottle opener!  

We do custom branded orders for companies who want to provide employees with a simple way to reduce the spread of germs around the office, or to give as a gift to clients. 

Made locally in the USA. Working with a US manufacturer allows us to support local jobs, quickly make design improvements, and scale orders with a 48 hr turnaround. 

Fueling the fight against COVID-19. We're donating 5% of sales to, an amazing organization supporting local restaurants by providing meals to frontline workers. They are the real heroes.  

Early prototype in the garage

First prototypes designed in our garage in California  

Today's orders ready to ship!
Today's orders ready to ship!

Local delivery from US Mfg

Local US manufacturing allows for 48 hr turnaround time. Now it's not just our dog that gets excited when the FedEx guy drops off the next batch of inventory!

Frontline Foods 
5% of your sale is donated to Frontline Foods. 

Thank you! We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback on how we can make Keypal better. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be in the know about new products and behind the scenes sneak peeks!